Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hulurkan tangan, ringankan beban (show your hand,spread the goods)

English version - as for charity work, and i'm only spreading the words from a person that begged all of us to kindly share some from our wealth (not cash) to charity for orphanage house around malaysia. For more details, you may read at sehelai baju menyapu si air mata

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Versi melayu - sebagai memenuhi permintaan seseorang dan untuk badan amal, maka saya bertanggungjawab menyampaikan rayuan seseorang yang meminta kita menyumbang sedikit dari kemampuan yang pada sya kebanyakan orang mampu melakukannya sempena meyambut ramadhan yang mulia ini. Bukan wang tunai yang mereka minta, cuma sedikit sumbangan ikhlas bagi membantu mereka yang tidak bernasib baik. Bayangkanlah sekiranya anak kita berada dalam situasi mereka, maklumat lanjut sila klik sehelai baju menyapu si air mata

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

D.I.Y – How to change driven belt on Facelifted BMW E46 2.0 (N42B20)

D.I.Y – How to change driven belt on Facelifted BMW E46 2.0 (N42B20)

Dear all, gentle reminder – please do this at your own risk
Disclaimer – I won’t take any responsibility for any injuries, fatal, broken parts, or anything whatsoever due to
doing this yourself. Please get expert advice before doing this.

1st step – Open your hood and make sure your engine cold before get started. Remove battery terminal for precautions.

2nd step – Remove engine plastic cover as picture shown, do it slowly to prevent crack on this cover. Remove intake cover.

 note: my belt was severed during hard driving. as for now i kept this belt for spare in my car boot.

3rd step – Now remove those broken belt. get new belt ready as this is so easy job.

4th step – Locate the tensioner bearings as picture.

5th step – After clean the oil leakage, now ii'm ready to place the new driven belt.

6th step – Now you are almost done, place the new driven belt, and it sure tight as it was new. No hurry, locate the tensioner belt and using L-handle with 16mm socket box and turn it clockwise then it was just an easy job. Finally, replaced all parts that have been taken out reversely and you are done. Approximate work time – 30 minutes or less. I make this done within 20 minutes including the cleaning work. 
7th step – Start your engine and go for a test drive within your house area to warm-up your car for an hour or so. Enjoy your UDM.

Tools for this job – 16mm socket box, L handle/ratchet, You might need other tools as your car may use different bolt/nuts.

That’s all, hope this info useful. If you have any request that doesn’t contain here, kindly send me a mail at

Kindly request via email if u need larger picture.